View Full Version : how to link multiple instruments to specific tracks,in reason 10 ?

08-27-2018, 10:41 PM
I have a MOTU 5 midi-interface with 3 instruments connected to the midi inputs, Reason 10 recognizes all 3 inputs but I need to know how to link each instrument to separate tracks and devices. Right now they all play but act like a midi through as they all play the same currently selected device, Can I have 3 tracks armed and ready to record with different devices selected simultaneously?

I was previously a Reason 4 user and have upgraded to Reason 10. What a strange world this has become...lol. I know that in the past with Reason 4 I was able to play my midi keyboard and record vocals at the same time. It doesn't necessarily have to be simultaneous, but at least I need to be able to have different voicings on two keyboards and obviously drums selected on my E-KIT, Any help would be much appreciated,