View Full Version : Help with Downgrading a Reason File..?

02-12-2015, 12:34 PM

I have a File that I created when I had a full version of Reason (.record). Now, I only have Reason Essentials :(

I am looking for a way to "downgrade" my File, to a (.ree) format. I understand that I will lose any elements made with components that don't exist in Reason Essentials - but anything is better than nothing!

Can anyone help me out - perhaps if I send you the .record File, to be re-saved as a compatible .ree File? Is this even possible?



02-12-2015, 01:11 PM
That's a tough one!

Dont know if that even is possible without some help from p-head's themselfs..
Did you try contacting them about it?

You never know:
Did you try renaming the file extensiosn from "song213.record" to "song213.ree"? It'll probably wont work, but who knows... (some programs and extensions can be fooled this way)

02-12-2015, 03:35 PM
...tried almost everything to make it work. Do you have the full version of Reason..? :)

02-12-2015, 04:45 PM
Ye i do actually, im running 7.1 still.

But i checked wheter or not there was an additional option in the "save as" window, but the only tab showing up was "Reason Song File (*.reason)", so i dont think that'll help. Unless you've got some sort of a "hack" in mind ;)

02-12-2015, 04:56 PM
You can not change the file format. The Best thing to do is render all midi in Record to audio and then import that in to R-Essentials IMHO

02-12-2015, 05:15 PM
Thanks guys - I thought so.

The other "issue" is that my .record file is just over 350Mb... :-/

Ah well = this is how we learn!

02-12-2015, 07:17 PM
Ye that might be the best thing to do..

Exporting audio always leads to big file sizes.. Close to a 1gb seems te bo quite normal for me these days, and there not even exported to audio yet!:(