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05-18-2015, 07:30 PM
I use Reason 7.1 but have also purchased Logic Pro X for Mac.
I have a song that I made in Reason.
In the Master section I chose "Dance" and then exported to a wav file.

Then I exported the song without the Mastering in Reason to a wav file.
Opened it in Logic and made a simple mastering in Logic and then exported to a wav file.

What does it mean to these two wav files look so different in Audacity?
One mastering in Reason and one mastering in Logic

Thanks for the help.


05-18-2015, 08:25 PM
It simply means that You did a different mastering in Reason than in Logic. Even if you would have tried to copy the Reason "dance mastering suite" in logic you would have gotten different results, not that drastic though. The only thing i can say for sure is that the reason master squashed the song way harder than the logic one. There is more dynamic range in in the second one.

05-18-2015, 08:55 PM
Thank you
This is mean that more dynamic range is better for the song?

05-18-2015, 10:03 PM
Dynamic ranges kinda differ per genre. I'd suggest to check "Ian shepherd's" videos in youtube about "the loudness war" and how it has affected dynamic range standard over the years.

Short add: dynamic range is important. A sound without dynamic range gets dull rather quick. Like a fully sustained saw wave for example. If you were to modulate it, like a simple lfo on a filter; you create movement. Makes it sound more interesting.
Same goes for an entire piece of music.

To get more philosophical, everything consist out of movement, molecules, planets, the universe. Life is movement i.e. dynamic. Without dynamics, things are stagnant, dead, dull.

The thing about the loudness war though is that, by reducing the dynamic range a song sounds louder (perceived loudness) and the brain will interpret it as sounding better. So there was this ongoing trend with making everything sound as loud as possible.

I wouldn't really go to much along with it, unless your doing singles and or radio songs, so you kinda have to compete with it.

05-18-2015, 11:01 PM
It means the the two DAWS are different in the tools they have to mix, simple as that.

05-19-2015, 06:33 PM
Thanks everyone
I understand that dynamic range is good for a song.
I want to make a better dynamic range inside Reason.
Can some one give me a tip how I do that?

The picture shows my settings in Reason, and a picture for the setting i Logic (wich give a better dymanic range) in my settings.
I know that is not the program, just a different tools, but I need to understand how I can get that in Reason.


05-19-2015, 07:09 PM
As you can see on the picture on Reason i first has the Compressor on in the mixer and even has the compressor on in the Master section. Its that wrong to have both on "on"?

05-19-2015, 09:28 PM
It all depends on the settings. No.one can judge if it's wrong or right without listening.
General rule is though; don't over compress, especially when having a single band compressor on you're master bus.

If you want to do your own mastering, I'd suggest reading a lot(!) On the subject, the basics but also check interviews with different artist or engineers that might share some of there used techniques and why.

Besides that, just do it a lot. Maybe do different masters per track, experiment and see what suits you best.
But you really got to understand what does what and when to do a certain thing.

05-20-2015, 03:21 AM
When it comes to Mastering there really is no setup that works with all, what I am trying to say is you only will need in your signal chain what the song or songs call for. The Master Bus comp should be used as the last thing but does not have to be. Its claim to fame was to glue all the tracks together in a great sounding way.

05-21-2015, 06:05 PM
Thanks for all the good descriptions, now I understand it better