View Full Version : How to mix/ match different drum samples into a kit?

07-24-2015, 08:01 PM
Hi all. Newbie here, so appreciate any direction you can give. I've purchased several drum refills and want to use kick from this kit and snare from that one etc, and trigger kit from my vdrums. I've been able to do so by loading the various sounds into banks of ReDrum, but suspect there are better ways to do it. When doing in ReDrum, I can't close an open hi-hat sound with my pedal like I can if I just load an entire kit up in Combinator or whatever instrument the kit opens in. Many thanks.


07-25-2015, 06:03 AM
If closing the hat is you only problem, then try automating the sample length via you pedal (cc signal). Right click "edit remote override" tap your pedal so reason sees the signal and press ok.

One other,way is to load the samples into the nnxt and program it so it changes samples by "expression" but that requires a bit if nnxt programming that I am not familiar with either. In which case you should look for some tutorials on the matter

07-25-2015, 07:05 PM
Many thanks Osmose! Good suggestions, and they led me to a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WemeeVKPkGQ that made me realize tracks 8&9 of ReDrum (and a buttom on ReDrum called "channels 8&9 Exclusive") were designed for this. In my newfound fun of loading different drum sounds, I had loaded my hat sounds in other channels.

07-25-2015, 09:59 PM
Good to hear ;)
Will have a look at the video as well, but indeed. Every redrum (pair) has some "exclusive" options.
I usually use 1 and 2 for kicks, 3 and 4 for snares and similar stuff and 5 to 10 for hats, glitches or other stuff