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James A
01-30-2016, 09:05 PM
Hi all,
I have the MPK mini Mk2 and for the life of me cannot get the rotary knobs to work with remote override mapping.
I can get it to work with the keys and pads but when i turn a knob it just will not auto detect. It also wont work by doing it manually through the drop down menus.
Any clues?

01-30-2016, 10:44 PM
If you know which cc number it is,then you could choose it.
If that'll work; I higly doubt it since auto detect isnt working either.

You sure you have the latest/ proper drivers installed?

James A
01-30-2016, 11:38 PM
Yep, all up to date. Find it weird as it will auto detect the pads and keys just not the knobs!!

James A
01-30-2016, 11:52 PM
...and in remote override edit mode when hovering over some of the filters it says they are mapped to the knobs but they dont respond.
I must be missing something somewhere!!

01-31-2016, 06:52 AM
Mm, sounds really odd.. maybe reconfigure the keyboard in reason's options - control surfaces? Try setting it to "other" and use "find keyboard"
Twist one of the knobs, see if they detect, if not try the pads.

Do they work in another daw? Who knows, it might be the knobs themselfs.
Did you take it apart once? Maybe the wires are disconnected from the print board.

James A
01-31-2016, 09:46 PM
After more fiddling i managed to get knob 1 controlling volume level on the SSL, however knob 1 was recognised as knob 4!! Straight after i tried to set knob 2 on the next channel but auto detect was not interested. Grrrr!!

02-03-2016, 10:01 PM
Mmm starting to believe taht the best thing you could so is contact akai..