View Full Version : What'd be a way to connect external midi module to Effects?

10-07-2016, 07:04 AM
That possible somehow?
Routing that to thor to use effects on kontakt?...

10-07-2016, 04:06 PM
What exactly do you mean by "module"?
Reason should recognize any midi input in "cc" values, thus everything should be routeable.

You can assign any knob by right click "Edit override remote mapping" or some sorts.

And there is a way to make custom mapping templates per device id. Have never done so, so i cant further commment on that.

10-08-2016, 03:34 AM
Tried to route kontakt to a mixer channel

10-08-2016, 08:30 PM
Tried to route kontakt to a mixer channel

What you do is write/record your music with Kontakt and when you have the midi data the way you want it convert it to audio and then it is on a channel in the VSSL.