View Full Version : reason issues since sierra update from el capitan

12-16-2016, 12:18 AM
i got a macbook pro 13 inch late 2011 i7 processor 16 gb ram 750 gb hd intel duo core i was on el capitan and using reason 7 before i upgraded to 9 and also used scarlett 2i2 interface ever since i upgraded to sierra mac os my scarlett 2i2 randomly distorts and wont be usable unless i unplug and plug back in and it keeps happening and also the dsp always goes over now i cant even play old tracks or demo track now without full dsp going over now and getting computer too slow i try to increase buffer and all that it works to some extent but scarlett always drops out and distorts and i cant even make anything in reason now i have plenty on hd space left i have an external i dont know whats going on i blame the sierra update on mac because i didnt notice any issues ever until then im gonna upgrade to a newer macbook around income tax with a quad core but i dont understand why i have issues now when i read about people with less powerful macs running reason fine with re's and all so im lost anyone can help out there?

12-16-2016, 01:01 AM
Have you checked to see if the Scarlett has updates for the os you are using?