View Full Version : Feedback for my New Original Track in Reason 7.1 0 - CHICA BELLA

03-15-2017, 08:20 AM
Hi Guys

Just Finished a Soca Track that i wrote and produced and would love your feedback ...



05-03-2017, 08:31 PM
Well executed, if a little predictable but l'm an outsider to this style so l'm probably not getting the nuances of the genre!

07-02-2017, 04:00 AM
Great groove and lively bass going on.
One thing I noted - throughout the song the volume is the same. (Flicking around at different time markers, the sound is identical with the exception of 2:12-2:26 where there is a breakdown).
I would bring the high frequencies in a bit more and give the voice some more space at different parts of the song to bring in some variation.
(Am new to the whole mastering / mixing thing at the moment so it's all my opinion and may be completely wrong :D ... and also don't spend half as much time following my own advice in a rush to publish :) ).