View Full Version : Video sync in Reason - Help let Propellerhead know we need this!

05-20-2017, 04:21 AM
Hello I'm new to the forum but not to Reason. I've been an avid fan and user since V1. I'm here to gain and share knowledge and also to present this statement about the need for video syncing capability in Reason.

"Reason is almost there as a full on all around best DAW contender but one faction of sound professionals has been ignored by PH that hasn't been by the other major players in the field, composers and sound designers for film. If you want to simply score (not edit) video with down to the frame accurately within Reason check out the petition and sign and share. The option to open a video track which would be perfectly in sync with our compositions is what we're asking for. Let's ask PH to finish the job and put the icing on this virtual cake. And yes we are aware of the other apps that somewhat let you do this but they fall short and there are many simple features Reason needs but the lack of those don't stop us from producing hot material...unless you're trying to score of which there is no feature. Check the petition at the link below and join the movement."


Keep making those hits!