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Rush Sound Design
07-26-2018, 04:16 PM
The Prophet Refill - 153 combinator patches for Propellerhead Reason, taking inspiration from the classic Prophet 5 analogue synth. Some vintage analogue sounds can be found here punchy basses and plucks, lush pads, classic keys, soaring leads, effects, percussive and the classic Sync and FM sounds of the Prophet 5 poly-mod section.

The Thor synthesizer is the sound generator here, generally consisting of a pair of analogue oscillator modules, low-pass filter and lfo to keep it simple and true to the original. The modulation matrix was used to emulate the poly-mod section on the Prophet 5. There is also a unison mode for those BIG sounds.

This collection costs 11.99 (pounds). Please send payment to markrushbury@yahoo.com via paypal. Once i receive payment i will email the download link to you. If you have any queries, please contact me at markrushbury@yahoo.com

Here is a selection of some of the sounds..