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  1. What Plugins Are Included In The Current Reason 10 Bundle Deal?

    The current Reason 10 bundle deal says that you get $480 worth of plugins upon buying Reason 10? Which plugins? Are they preselected, or is it a voucher for $480 WORTH of plugins?
  2. So why would I ever put an effect in as a true...

    So why would I ever put an effect in as a true insert effect? When would I ever put an effect in as a proper insert vs just dragging an effect in to the blank rack space? What is the difference? ...
  3. Help! Reason FX Scheme Make No Sense To Me.

    When working in the rack area, I am very confused about insert FX. Are there two different kinds of insert fx?

    I ask this because if have an instrument or an audio track in Reason, when looking...
  4. How Do I Drag The Groove MIDI Into The Sequencer?

    I'm trying A-List Drummer and I can't figure out how to drag the grooves/pattern MIDI into the Reason sequencer like I can do in AD and EZ? How do I do this?
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