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  1. Thanks for your response Mihail, you’re probably...

    Thanks for your response Mihail, you’re probably right. I understand transferring the license if you sell it to another person, just thought I’d ask if, as an owner, it would load onto a second...
  2. Can I install Reason 10 on both of my computers?

    My notebook is a little slow, but still useful. Can I also install it on my desktop?
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    That’s great, thanks for your quick response!

    That’s great, thanks for your quick response!
  4. Thread: Greetings!

    by moogmeister


    I am totally new to Reason 10 or DAWs of any kind. At 67 I hope I can get up to reasonable learning speed as Time is Tight lol. My expectation is that I can record, via interface, guitar, bass,...
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    Subsequent Update Eligibility?

    Hi, new to Reason 10 (10.2) and the forum. More importantly I am new to DAWs. Sorry if my question has been answered many times but I haven't familiarized myself with the forum and have this burning...
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