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    Cool song there Terrence and just know your vibe...

    Cool song there Terrence and just know your vibe will be hitting people around here making them feel the vibe.

    Bliss is a smooth refreshing track with a catchy hook that gets you into feeling
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    What's UP, Random is the word!

    Lets give it up for Despondo his music covers some smooth slowish grooves but hidden in those grooves is electricity and I like it!

    Hitting the station today is Despondo's Randomness and the...
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    Sticky: I do not know? I just find a song i like, I am...

    I do not know? I just find a song i like, I am the DJ, and add it to the Radio, playlist, that's it. Might want to throw your question to SoundCloud or google it. Peace brother!
  4. Added a new song to the Station!

    What up man! DJ Matty Music Junky here to turn you on to something cool as a cat, this song by GrimPurrs
    is a big band epic on the rather cool side of purrrfect.... It's up next on the LearnReason...
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    Sticky: How to get on the Radio

    Hello I am DJ Matty Music Junky and I want you on my station!

    It's easy to get on all you have to do is make 10 posts and you will be moved up into the Music Maker user group here at Reasonforums....
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