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    Post Transfuser as a VST playing individual instruments????

    Is anyone out there using Transfuser from AIR Tech. as a VST in REASON 10? More importantly, are you able to hear/play the individual intruments/drums across the MIDI keyboard? In Pro Tools that is done by assigning the B 1-16 MIDI channels to the MIDI or Intrument track. In the Transfuser interface it's just channel 1-16 but then that becomes specifically 1-16 A or B (user's choice) in the MIDI or Instrument track. "A" plays the 12 grooves on keys C0-BO and the "B" column assigns the indivdual intruments/drums to keys CO to C5 (maybe, or thereabouts) in the standard General MIDI layout. I tried using Blue Cat 'Patchwork' but couldn't get it to work. I assume it's just the well known limitations of Propellerheads MIDI implementation that I've read a lot about lately - Wasn't aware since I'm new to using REASON as a front end DAW (have used it as a REWIRE in PTs since before there was a REWIRE). Thoughts and comments welcomed....

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    I am getting ready to update my to the VST version of the Instrument Expansion Pack and will post when I have some testing done.

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