Propellerhead has recently posted that they are doing away with there music collaboration website Allihoopa and their Apple apps Take and Figure. What is next for Propellerhead?

You can read about this here or just read below as we copied it to keep here because soon it may be gone.

Allihoopa is closing down

It deeply saddens us to see this song come to an end. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to keep Allihoopa running. On January 17th, 2019 we will turn off Allihoopa and remove all data.
We built Allihoopa with the vision to bring everyone doing music together and in that aim we’ve greatly succeeded. And by we, we mean all of you who dropped millions of pieces of music, picked up and added to them, encouraged and inspired each other, gave us your candid feedback and celebrated creating for the pure joy of it. Take a final look around. Listen to all that is here. We bet this moves you to keep doing music.
Thanks to you all! We’re so grateful for your presence and participation in Allihoopa. We’ve been honored to serve you and had great fun developing Allihoopa at the same time. We will continue making music and hope you do, too.

Download your music
We know how much work you’ve put into your music making, so we built a tool to keep your Allihoopa experience forever.
Mixtape creates an archive that includes all your listed and unlisted pieces, artwork, stats and comments that you can download, view and access on your computer.

What is happening?
We are completely closing down the Allihoopa service on 17 January 2019.
We want to let you know now so you can make your final drops, connect with other users and download your music pieces (using our Mixtape feature) before it all goes away.

What does that mean?
The Allihoopa service will cease to exist. The website will be taken down. The Allihoopa app will be removed from AppStore. All music files and accounts will be deleted and unavailable. You will not be able to browse, play, pick up or drop music pieces at all.
We are trying hard to find a place for our Take and Figure apps, but at this point they have no home. We’ll let you know if that happens. If we are unable to find a new owner for them, they will be removed from App Store.

Why is this happening?
Simply, we can no longer afford to be in business.

If Take and Figure are removed from App Store, can I still use them?
Yes, kind of. They will still work on your iOS device but connections in them to Allihoopa will not, (e.g. no dropping, no backing tracks to use in Take or songs to browse in Figure). Make sure to download them now from App Store if you want to keep using them. Obviously once they are removed they will not be updated and we cannot guarantee that they will continue to function moving forward.

What happens to my music? Can I get my stuff?
Yes you can get your music now before we close. Go to your profile settings and download your Mixtape. You’ll get a zip archive containing an web page (html index) that can be viewed on your computer’s web browser locally with all your music.
If you have any songs in Figure or Take you can drop them to Allihoopa first, so you can have backups of them included in your Mixtape.

Can I back up my Take files, my Figure files?
We suggest that you drop your Take and Figure files to Allihoopa. They can be unlisted if you like. Then create your Mixtape archive and when done download it somewhere safe. It will have the finished audio piece and in the case of Figure, Gadget and Vivid Tracker also contains the project files too.

How can I keep in contact with people I met on Allihoopa?
Message them now on allihoopa. Introduce yourself. We hope you'll form groups and forums else where to keep things going.

Can I still use the third party apps like Korg Gadget, Soundtrap, Moog Model 15?
Absolutely. Those are great music-making apps that work as stand-alone apps. We have let them know the Allihoopa service is closing and they are altering their apps as necessary.

To wrap it up...
pieces dropped

240 countries/territories
492.566 collabs
2.861.220 minutes of music
5.714 drops by a single user
Updated December 12, 2018