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    (Synthwave) Experiments

    Hi everyone! I've introduced me on "New members" subforum but I think I have to repeat my introduction before present my album

    I bought a Reason 10 license last summer and, since then, it's my daily DAW (previously was FL Studio). I make music since I was a kid, first, using a program called "Music" and "Music 2000" in my Playstation, then ,finnally, I could bought a computer and could use other software like Madtracker, Rebirth, SkaleTracker, Fruity Loops, etc, etc. I had to stop making music due to my studies and first jobs.

    Then, when Jean-Michel Jarre announced that he had released Oxygene 3, I was curious and I tryied to make a cover of Oxygene 17 song. Since then I'm trying to learn about music, DAWs, synthesizers, technics, etc. I was learning about synths (how to get a sound, how to make some FXs, etc.) while I was making Jarre covers, first, using FL Studio, after (and nowadays) with Reason. Then, I considered to make my own album and put into practice the knowledge acquired.

    I have two big influences: Jean-Michel Jarre (and similar artists like Vangelis) and Synthwave (Carpenter Brut, Waveshaper, Le Matos, etc.). So, I've tried to mix this influences while I was making my own songs, and here is!: "Experiments". Yes, I am very bad giving names, and yes!, I'm very bad drawing my logo and album cover, sorry .

    The album was made using Reason, using instruments like: Europa, Thor, VK-2, etc.

    I would like to know your opinions and, overall, I would like to read critics, mainly to learn and improve to make my next songs/albums better.

    I hope you like a little




    Cheers and thanks!!

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    Good track, I like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihail Kosev View Post
    Good track, I like it!
    Thank you for listening!

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