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    Still can't connect to propellerhead server. So I can't upgrade and I will definitely keep my Reason 7. I don't know what to do. I've contacted support but there is no solution so far.

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    the dark side of the rack.
    dongle and what not?

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    Did you try to UN-install R7 first, and then install R8?
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    I had problems with my upgrade too.. During install I got some funny "unexpected exception" error message
    I contacted props support. They asked me a few Q then they gave me a special variant with logging capabilities.
    I collected the logs and sent them to them and they found out that due to that I moved my Windows music directory to a NAS (to save space on my SSD), the install didnt bite (templates)
    SO.. changed my directory back to C drive and install was ok.

    All I am saying is that props should be able to help out. I think their support is very good but somewhat slow now and then

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