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    Audio Inputs - recording 'what you hear' in windows in Reason

    Hi, I have just upgraded from Reason 6.5 on Vista with a soundblaster Audigy platinum ex sound card to Reason 8.1 on Windows 8 with a soundblaster z card, I also have a Roland UA 20 audio interface.

    I have always been able to sample into reason through my soundcard i.e. any sound played in windows be it Youtube, soundcloud, vsts etc The audio will be visible and recordable in reason hardware interface i/o

    Since 'upgrading' the only inputs I have available are mic line ins and spdif in (just hardware)? regardless of which Audio driver I use. I have tried virtual cables etc to no avail I desperately want to record vsti's in reason - using external midi and routing the audio back into reason 'what you hear'

    I am literally losing my mind and any help on this would be much appreciated. Please!!!

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    Hmmm, i remember having a similar issue when I've upgraded to an external soundcard. From what I have been told then, is that recording audio out the same way as prior isn't possible anymore.
    But, since you have two soundcard running, I'd suggest to one to each program and use the analog audio out from the one you want to record and ppl if that one in the analog audio in of the soundcard that you use in the daw you want to record in.
    As long as you don't have identical sounds between each program you won't notice phasing issues due to the analog circuits time delay.

    I have a 4 channel compressor between my audio out and my monitor's with for and Jack in and outs on every channel, thus allowing me to split the signal and record it back. Use it all the time

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    Cheers for the response I do have optical in outs on both cards, so that is a solution I'll try when i get some optical cables Just need to let go and move forward I have spent hours on this!! Its really annoying!!! Worst case scenario is to trigger vstis with reason which I have no problems with recording the audio outside of reason and then importing in. Just want to have a streamlined workflow. When you upgrade you expect things to get better not worse

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    Also think this maybe something to do with the reason upgrade. As I can record 'what I hear' in wave lab and other apps with ease. Reason is just looking at hardware inputs, I'll get over it in a few weeks I hope!

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    Osmose - I have conquered it my friend!!! Download ASIO4all and selected that as my driver in reason I am now able to control and record vsts in Reason!! ))))) I am so happy! Which means I dont have to worry too much about using hardware inputs to route the sound!

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    Happy to hear you got it working. I am thinking we should make a forum for the topic of using VST in Reason, what do you guys think?

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    Would be a good idea, only just joined and could not see much related to it on here - the you tube tutorials on it are a bit hit and miss too.

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    Good to hear m8!

    But ye, i think that's a good idea matt since vst will always be used in conjunction with reason.
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