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    Really clean.
    To be critic ; the voice is a bit rough, hoarse, compared to what we usually hear in Deep House. But hey, why not ?
    I couldn't heard any low frequency/Sub bass, but i'm hearing this with ****ty earphones.

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    Actually, the vocals were a bit over compressed which happened accidentaly. Now it's better. I uploaded adjusted version. Her voice is rough, I agree, but I like it somehow
    After 35 Hz lowcut there comes plenty bass and around 63 Hz it's pumping so try different headphones, otherwise it cannot sound deep enough
    I have bought many new devices (especially studio stuff) during this PH May sale madness so I need some time to learn to use them properly. This was the first time I used some of them. It takes time to find the fine balance.
    So I will appreciate any criticism which could help me to improve my overall sound which is true rocket science

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    very clean sound..great job and nice production

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