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    You're absolutely right Matt, it's best to be a master of your tools.. for example - you wouldn't use a hack-saw to cut an 8x4 piece of wood, even though it's a saw and it would still do the job.. I see where you're coming from, getting too many tools at once means you won't learn them all properly which is why I've got to be very selective about which compressors I buy.. The channel strip compressor is good, it has a nice gentle valve sound, but I need more precision with the attack time. And sorry MClass - you're just too transparent and yer attack time only goes to 100 ms. oH and you've been my only compressor (in Reason) for the last 10 yr.

    Osmose, I envy you. I would like to have the STube FET, but I may just be gear lusting.. Either that or I just can't swallow the price.. I might give it a demo at some point.

    Finally, before my finger pops, I reckon I'll be going for the outboard rig- it has the DCams, the Ozone, the 4Dyne and some nice reverbs to boot. Sorry to ramble guys, thanks for listening.

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    No need to excuse for rambling mate

    but i do highly recommend the FET, it is amazing... Havent regret buying it once! But i do think that softtube's prices are out of the roof. There pultec inspired eq for example, holy cow!
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