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    Well every device causes a bit of latency, the amount of latency differs per device though. But as long as you don't have 2 identical sounds of which one is delayed, you won't notice it (since 99,9 percent of device usage add change to the sound).

    But for fun you could split an audio signal, run 1 trough 20 eq's and the other one straight to the mixer and hear it's effect
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    for the RE latency , there is a little utilies RE verry usefull and not expensive for only 12 €
    you can check all you FX RE with it and make the compensation.
    I checked a lot of Re Fx and one thing to know is the propellerhead RE have no latency.
    but some EFFECTS OF THIRD have latency
    here is diferents mesures in samples delay at 16bits/ 44.1khrtz
    Neptune have varations between 840 and 1040 samples
    Polar 2561 samples
    Rotor 17/ 75 samples

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    I made the complet list with all RE latency
    but that have not been saved.
    too long to restart now,
    certainly in few hours.
    Sorry for that

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    Pulveriser 0 latency
    alligator 0 latency
    scream 0 latency
    BV 512 variable latency
    neptune variable latency
    line 6 gtr 0 latency
    line 6 bass 0 latency
    EQ Mclass 0 latency
    compressor Mclass 0 latency
    limiteur Mclass 0 latency
    stereo imager 0 latency
    D11 0 latency
    ECF 42 15samples latency
    COMP-01 0 latency
    PEQ-2 0 latency
    AUDIOMATIC 0 latency
    POLAR 2561 samples latency
    ROTOR variable latency
    SOFTUBE AMP GTR 8 smaples latency
    SOFTUBE AMP bass 8 samples latency
    SYNCHRONOUS 0 latency
    MUTAGEN 0 latency
    PANDEMIC variable latency
    ROUGHRIDER 0 latency
    STRONTIUM 0 latency
    DC-1 0 latency
    DC-9 0 latency
    F16 0 latency
    MARCK VIII 0 latency
    RESAMPLER BITCRUSHER variable latency
    T00B 3 samples latency
    RE-2A 0 latency
    GET LAYED 0 latency
    DYNARAGE 0 latency
    HM1 548 samples latency
    REVOLUTION VIRTUAL SURROUND 559 samples latency
    4DYNE 0 latency
    BUSCOMP 4 samples latency
    CHANCOMP 4 samples latency
    ENVSHAPER 4 samples latency
    ETCH RED variable latency
    GCLIP 0 latency (oversampling 0)
    ONYX 430I 0 latency (2.9 milliseconds (with ISP))
    TITAN 410X 0 latency
    OZONE MAXIMIZER 721 samples latency
    ITSY 0 latency
    FATURATOR 38 samples latency
    CREME 21 smaples latency
    VERMILION 19 samples latency
    CERBERUS 20 samples latency
    EVE AT1 0 latency
    EVE AT4 0 latency
    EVE MP5 2 samples latency
    BATTLE-AXE variable latency
    BLACK KNIGHT 0 latency
    RED QUEEN 0 latency
    REQ131 0 latency
    D-FILTER variable latency
    PHONETIC 5 samples latency
    C670 0 latency
    E 670 0 latency
    FRG-4RE 0 latency
    FRG-EEE 0latency
    MOO Q 0 latency
    MOO TUBE 0 latency
    BASS TILT FILTER variable latency
    MIDRANGE TILT FILTER variable latency
    TREBEL TILT FILTER variable latency
    CARVE 0 latency
    GLITCH variable latency
    REPEAT ???
    STEREO SPLITTER 0 latency
    C1-L1 0 latency
    RE 200 0 latency
    RE 202 0 latency
    RE 302 0 latency
    RPDistort variable latency
    SELIG DeESSER 0 latency
    SELIG GAIN 0 latency
    SELIG LEVELER 0 latency
    FET COMPRESSION 4 samples latency
    SATURATION KNOB 4 samples latency
    TRIDENT A 4 samples latency
    CLASSIC CHANNEL 4 samples latency
    VALLEY PEOPLE 4 samples latency
    BITSPEEK variable latency
    ECHOBODE variable latency
    GSX variable latency
    TRITONE variable latency
    FILTER PATTERN variable latency
    SPECTRALISER variable latency
    VINYLIZER variable latency
    VOCODIZER variable latency
    AF-4 variable latency
    GQ7 variable latency
    RM-1 0 latency
    VE-3 0 latency
    DISTORT CHAIN variable latency
    MR OVERDRIVE 0 latency
    T2 PHASER 0 latency
    DIGITAL FILTER variable latency
    RUNCITER variable latency
    UHBIK-Q 3 sample latency
    G8 GATE 0 latency
    YOKO BAND-SPLITTER variable latency
    DRAGON GATE 0 latency
    RELIGHT 0 latency
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    Wauw, that's quite a bit of effort. Hats off to you sir!

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    Holy cow! Great effort and thanks for sharing.

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    Now THATS what i wanted to know when i started the thread. Thank you so much!

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    it is not absolutely fair, but it gives an idea
    all FX with delay like chorus flanger reverb are naturaly latenced. and some of the fx in the liste are not verry well tested.
    that show how it's important to buy for only 12 €
    this utilitary is very usefull for latency compensation
    and Titus is able to do the same with the more litle delay at 0.01ms
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