hello every bodies.
please have mercy for my bad english speeking.
As you know francophone are totaly bad with other langueses .
But I'm a musician totaly in love with reason since the 1.0.
this laste 5 years My job don't allow me to continue to work about sound nd music. but before I was a lot actif.
few years ago I builded a recording studio in the center of Brussel. A lot of musicians come for recording and also we organise a broadcast each sunday with live in direct on the web radio (more then 120 artists was produced at the silent block studio) I loosed all my archive but here is some link for listening and seeing)
some broadcast here
some picts here
and here a presentation of the studio in french

since 3 year I leaved the place and in few month my new studio will be ready.
not for the same goals.
the new studio will be dedicate to mixing and mastering. We will stop recording during a long time. Because we need a good place for recording.
sound design, post production and music for audio visual
you can listen some of my tracks not yet masterized on soundcloud
happy to be with all of you in this reason community