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    Red face Looking for this bass :)

    Hello Reason lovers !
    I'm want to reproduce this bass sound, i'm working with Reason and Massive, i've so many presets but i can't find this type of bass... Anybody have an idea to make it, or a preset for Reason or Massive ?

    2 examples :

    Thanks for your help ^^!

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    I would recomend you this pack:
    It contains 65 combinators suitable for House / Deep house and other genres. There are good bass combinators as well. All very good adjustable with variety of resulting sounds.
    The bass sound you're looking for you could probably achieve with it. Or you can combine 2 basses, one for fat bass sound and second for attack/pluck and let them play together.

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    Hey, i listened to the bass for a while and made a patch in reason. Here is a little preview of what it sounds like:
    If you like it, i can upload the Patch on the forum

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    @Dan : yes i have this pack ! i've don't find this bass inside but i can try to combine 2 basses like your advice, thanks !
    @FreSch : The link doesn't work, can you re-send me ? I listen your production, it's a good work !

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    Have you tried to tweak its sound? You can change the sound significantly to get similar sound you've requested by adjusting the combinator knobs and selecting / deselecting buttons. Besides, you can, of course, go inside the combinator and change its devices parameters or replace devices with different ones, more suitable. I often replace it with Parsec or Oberon and load bass patch for it and adjust to my needs. I also add more REs for better bass sound (Bass enhancer, Faturator etc.). At least good starting point than to make it from scratch IMO.

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    In the song bellow I used adjusted PW 40 Combinator bass, adjusted stock Jazz upright bass and adjusted Patchworx Minimal Techno Reason Combinator bass (The pack is here:
    I combined 3 bass lines there - sometimes two of them plays simultaneously, sometimes all three bases plays different melody line. The sound isn't exact you wanted but it's pretty close in certain parts of the song and I feel it could be more alike when adjusted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreSchProductions View Post
    Cannot make it play... It's stopped all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreSchProductions View Post
    Probably some SC issue. Nothing plays there currently...

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    still not working?

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