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    Do you use the Sequencer to make your beats?

    How often do you use the sequencer to make your drum beats and do you prefer using the sequencer over Kong, Redrum or the Dr.?

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    I use both, usually start of in redrum together with designing my drum sounds. Then i export them to a note lane and continue from there on. I actuall never touch kong for drums sound. I do use the transient designer sometimes though.
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    Same here.
    When I'm done designing drums, snares, hats, etc, I transport those sounds to the sequencer.
    In sequencer I make the beats. Actually as Osmose does, I guess.
    I figured out making beats in the seq keeps my workflow higher than when making beats in Redrum or Kong.
    So, in a nutshell, I prefer Sequencer.

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    I use main sequencer in more time
    and sometime I work with kong coupled with euclide

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