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    It may happen that another program is using the driver fully.
    Just shut that program off is that is the case.

    Asio 4 all should work properly though. But you can try swithching to other drivers? Asio probably isnt the only one installed?
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    How do I find out what programs are using the driver. I have closed everything I can see.

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    I found the programs running in the background and closed it. But I'm still not able to get ASIO4ALL to connect. The more I try to fix this problem the more I feel like I'm chasing my tail. The more I mess with all these different things the more chance I have messing something else up. I just don't understand why it doesn't work.

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    Have you tried the following process? In particular step 4 :-)

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    Input and output is now saying pin status idle. Still have no sound through ear phones are mic when hooked up to reason 6. But I am getting closer to maybe getting it to work. Any suggestions to what I need to do are where to look.

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