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    Hey Gang


    I've recently upgraded to reason 8, from reason 4 and I need a revamp. I've kind of gotten stuck in my old ways, and definitely stoked to get rolling on changing my workflow and keeping everything in the box rather than bounce back and forth with Protools. Good gravy what a difference.. Reason 8 is quite the tool.

    I'm an old school hip hop head.. DJ since 96 and reason user in one way or another for a little over a decade.

    I'm relatively quiet, but do my share of lurking, and will always try to chime in if I can add anything to a discussion.

    Happy to be here!

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    Hi benbounce, cool name. I was like you upgrading from v5 to v8 a few months back. And yeah ! What a difference.. The mixer, audio tracks, fx combi's and rack extensions all add more sugar an spice to the fun.

    I like a bit of hip hop also, but haven't been heavily into it since Public enemy, Big daddy Kane, BDP, kid n play..era. These days I only really listen to blackalicious or stereo mc's.

    And I've been lurking in the background a bit lately (hi guys), so I'll try be more social able !

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    Welcome! I can imagine the the "shock" coming from v4.. Lot of changes indeed.

    Ive been into hip hop alot as well, started of doing sample based stuff but slowly gravitated to a more experimental new skool style over the years. That said, i still enjoy the oldskool as well!
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    Greetings! I'm fairly new to to Reason as's been about a year since I've downloaded the Demo version...and about 100 tracks later..I'm just beginning to explore mixing..I'm an aspiring Hip-Hop artist and producer, and I would describe my style as very conscious hip-hop or soul hip-hop..I look forward to hearing from and learning from you all, and whenever I purchase the full version and can save and export my work I will share to receive feedback..

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