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    Cool New Guy Here! New Production!

    New Guy Here! Be sure to check out my latest production! Feedback is always appreciated and will be returned!! Keep grinding Propellerheads!

    Terrence "Esquire" Huggins

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    Nice one Terrence! - very upbeat and blissful. At first I kept waiting for the singing to start. I wouldn't have minded some more of the waves and birdsong featuring in the song, rather than just the intro and outro. The thing I liked most was that it's very melodic and musical - and strangely enough that isn't something you can always say.

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    Nice I like the sounds and the positive vibes they evoke..When the verse came in I would have like to have heard more of the keys/synth sound, but that's just my preference..Is this mainly an instrumental, or is for an artist.. R/B or Hip-Hop? Great job!

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    I like the track really professional..great sound ....

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    Hi Terrence. Dig the track. Maybe some Synchronous on the oscillating sound to give it some movement? That sound is a little peaky (maybe in the 2-5k range). Maybe a volume drop using automation as it comes back to the front of the mix (or use the stereo images to smooth/widen out the hi-mid peak?) Looking forward to hearing more!

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    Cool song there Terrence and just know your vibe will be hitting people around here making them feel the vibe.

    Bliss is a smooth refreshing track with a catchy hook that gets you into feeling
    a punchy kick that rides you smoothly down your way.

    Your on the Reason Radio!
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    Sorry you all for the late response! Been pretty busy! I definitely do appreciate all of the feedback!!! And I also appreciate being featured on Reason Radio!! Thank you all again!
    Terrence "Esquire" Huggins

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    Nicely done, very uplifting indeed
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    I like this track. What version did you use? I'm waiting for my new laptop so I can upgrade to 9. I've been using 5.
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