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Thread: program change?

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    program change?

    hi there,

    im using an external sequencer (pyramid) to sequence my different synth and reason.

    i can program change all of my synth but not reason :O
    i ve tried many things but i don't get the answer yet.

    what i want to do is: by sending a program change from my ext sequancer i want for example a combinator that switch to the next patch.

    is this possible?

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    I believe you would have to write it your self, wich is quite possible.
    There is a bunch of folks doing so on a regular basis.

    In on of the reason groups on facebook is a guy, miquel something, he knows all about it

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    thx for your answer,

    i ll try to find him

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    Have you looked in the Reason manual? Check out the Advanced Midi Device section this will accept midi from external sources into Reason.

    When you have Reason open click on Help/Reason Help and than searchfor Advanced MIDI - The External Control Bus inputs

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