Greetings, right now I am very upset that Props is not supporting offline computers at this time. They did it for R6 and R8, but now that I just upgraded to R9 they are telling me I have to have my now offline, to be online, when I use my Laptop to get online to get my Ignition key authorized, and get the codemeter, so I can install Reason and it works on my offline computer. I am not upgrading again with Reason. You can not forget about the offline users and I have a desk top PC that I do not put online for a reason. That's why I have a laptop. Right now going into 3 weeks of not being able to install Reason on my desk top PC which is blown out so it can run Reason smoothly, not my laptop. I don't want to use my laptop as my work station.

I already go rid of Protools for Reason, because Avid was acting crazy, now this. I will not upgrade anymore and I guess I will stay with Reason 8.3. Being I have Studio One and it does Bounce tracks and have Melodyne, I will start using it more. Props is just introducing "Bounce Tracks" from midi into audio inside of Reason which they should of been had long ago. Now they get it, and this crap happens. They have a 86 mb of patches that when you open R9 for the first time it tries to connect to the internet and I was told you need this to happen in order for Reason 9 to work, and it does, but what if you have a computer offline? They told me I should take that offline computer and get on the internet down load the patch and then take it off. This was their solution. What they should of done was put that small 86 mb file inside the down load upgrade and continue supporting offline computers. This is crazy! Presonus supports offline computers and sells boxed versions and down load versions, and Props can't? Being I have Studio One I will be using that more and more, by next weekend if there isn't a solution for R9 and offline computers, R8 was my last buy, I will no longer support Props.

I am really sick of the computer crap and really thinking about going back hardware, I am sick of the constant changes, the upgrades, iLok keys, eLicencers, and ignition key crap. I just want to plug and play and have fun, I have projects to get out, and I am sick of rendering and soloing tracks to my desk top and dragging and dropping them back in Reason. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Rah Da N.O.C.