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    Abandonded industrial - Refill

    Hi all, hope alls well.

    Here's a free Refill for your creative juices..

    Just click the link in the you tube description.

    All sounds in video are from the Refill.
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    Great samples! Lovely! Will sure be using them!
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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks guys, it's a pleasure making and more so using it. A lot of the hits layer well with drums.

    A short guide vid on way for the Abandonded_01 [run] combinator.. There are 4 sounds per key over 3 octaves, they are velocity switched ie- sound 1_velo=0 to 32 _ sound 2 velo=33 to 64...etc. IF you reset the Matrix (within the combinator) to make your own patterns then set the CURVE to all on. The curve is a level for each step on the Matrix and the velocity levels play one of 4 sounds..But I'm sure you guys will work it out..Thanks enjoy

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