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    Where can I find respected reviews for audio interfaces?

    Where can I find respected reviews for audio interfaces?

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    When looking to buy an audio Interface the first thing you need to know is how many input and outputs will you need, it's a good thing to think of the future also. Maybe now you will need only 2 but down the road you may need 8. What if any analog instruments will you be playing? Do you need it to have midi I/O? What is the I/O of your computer USB 2, 3, Firewire, Thunderbolt? Will a mixer style interface be better...ect

    There are so many interfaces out there so the most important thing is to know what you need then what is your budget, then just buy it.

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    What matt said indeed, though my opinion on number of I/O's is just get a 2x2 at first. When i bought one i knew i wanted more in the future as well but seeing that that cost quite a bit more and i needed monitors with it as well, i just went for a 2x2 (steinberg CI1) which i ended up using for more then 7 years before finally needing one with more I/O's (got a UR 44 now).
    But, that does depend on your type of productions. If you want to go and record multiple instruments at the same time, then ye.. A 2x2 wont do..

    I'd recommend browsing to your go to store online of real world and see which one you get attracted to, then do research online for reviews.
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