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    How do i get mpc style pitched drum pads with kong ??

    Mpc style pitched drum rolls******

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    You can sample them, load samples in or just write them in the sequencer yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    You can sample them, load samples in or just write them in the sequencer yourself.
    i think you misundersood i mean like each pad you hit and hold it will be a drum roll happening and each one is pitched from like hi to low over the pads

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    that would require some nifty reason creative routing with a bunch of thor's. Fun project to do, but that'll require quite a bit of knowledge and creative source using.

    You'd have to start of using a combinator; play the combinator in stead of the kong.
    Then have a thor instance per pad, so 16 of them. Assign every Thor to only one midi note, so starting from C1 then going up 16 times. So thor 1 triggers on C1, thor 2 plays on C#1 and so on.

    Then have all the thors set up the same (copy and paste patches); set the gate trigger to trigger the thor sequencer "RUN" mode, then use the sequencers gate as a trigger for the pads (hard wire them) so when thors sequencer starts, it'll trigger the drum pads in a quantized manner.

    Then have like the thors envelope or lfo source as a cv pitch modulation source to each kong pad's pitch.

    So unless you like routing, doing creattive reason stuff and want to have a similar patch under your finger tips in an instance in the future, just draw the drum roll in the sequencer and add draw in a pitch modulation.
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