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I do feel you though.. Im a ambitious person as well, and altough i dont aim for the popcharts, i do wish that someday my music will be well know in the downtempo/ambient/ electronic enviroment..
Its just a really hard thing to deal with each day. It sucks terribly to be told things like "This song would be a hit" and "This is really cleverly written" or "I can hear this in my head" or "This would be amazing if only it had music".

Now imagine you hear this for years and each new song you write that is really good (because lets agree not every single one is special) and you have hands on real studio knowledge. You can do all the mixing and mastering yourself, you specialize in vocal editing and you are a master with reverb and compression. You have people who will accept demos from you and say "Hey man if you ever get music made, holler at me. We could really do great things with these songs of yours."

But at the end of every day, you stare at Sony's "loop" web page and spend hours pouring over torrent sites to find as many as you can. Imagine you have compiled 50+ full cd's full of loops over years of time and none of them are what you're looking for. You've been on as many forums as you can find, begged everyone you could begged, sold nearly everything you owned and been homeless and short of a complete and total mental breakdown and still only have ONE song to show for it, that doesn't even showcase 1/3rd of what you're capable of.

And to top it all off...you get to speak to Timbaland. (Yes, that Timbaland) and he tells you that you remind him of a young version of himself. He also says he can't help you because his contracts don't allow him to do such things. He says though if you ever get your record done, hit him up on his personal cell phone number or his personal email @ timbalandmusic.com and let him know and he might be able to accidentally leave some copies lying around some decision makers.

Imagine how that makes a person feel. And then you remember that you don't have the skills to make the music you need and no one will help. Not even people who charge money that you lose girlfriends and nearly put yourself out in the street will do what they promised.

That's the life I've lived. I think people get the vibe that I'm lazy or haven't "paid my dues" but I'm 32, I've been in the music business since I was like 24 and I've done studio work on songs that have been #1 on the billboard chart from artists who will be in a hall of fame one day.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.