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    I Felt The Sun Upon My Face (My February 2017 Song)

    I Felt The Sun Upon My Face (My February 2017 Song)

    I'm not sure where the lyric to this song came from, could be love gone wrong. Any way, It's written like it's a love song, but I think it's more about how I felt in the past about any thing that got my hopes up, only to have the rug pulled from under my feet. Being in the people business, it's not hard to have that happen more times than not. Or, it may be about 50% of the time, So it seems.


    Rock On!!!

    You have your secrets
    I have mine
    There'll be no pain
    If there's no Clues
    If there's no heart break
    We'll both be fine
    We'll both be fine
    If you so chose

    I felt the sun upon my face
    You said you thought you felt it to
    I looked, and failed to see a trace
    It's so dam hard to know what's true

    If there's no reason
    There's no heart
    The way is lost
    If there's no light
    I watched the sun set
    Right from the start
    Right from the start
    Day turned to night

    Tell me why you cried
    did you lie, or did your love just die

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    Quite tense, yet groovy. Has a nice "indie" sound.

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    Nice song. Love the chorus.

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