I recently upgraded to Reason 9.2 (from 6.5) and also my M-Audio 49 key midi controller to an Alesis Q49 controller. This is the first time I have used both my Alesis and Reason 9. I created a song, but then when I went in to edit it, I noticed that every note played showed on a line 1 1/2 steps above the key I actually played it on. Also, when I just play freely, my system is tuned 1 1/2 steps off from what it should be (tuning to a normal piano tuning). So, while I wrote a song in C major, the notes are all showing off by 1 1/2 steps. What causes this. I opened up a new rack and just added a default Thor and the same thing was happening. I looked on my controller for a physical adjustment and cannot find any. I also looked in the Reason settings in case I switched something by accident.

Any help is appreciated.