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    Quote Originally Posted by redmanmasonji View Post
    Hey, anyone having a problem on the Reason (new) site accessing your account??????? I have tried for a week and i click the link and it does nothing. If anyone has had this problem, do you know of a solution or is it just the site???????

    If you are having problems I would contact PH support.

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    Matt i dont think support is working either but i will try tomorrow.

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    Did ye try clearing out you're browser cache and such?

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    I don't think the new site makes such a big difference. It's "just" a redesign, and if I understood correctly what I read some days ago, they changed their CMS to something more modern that probably needs less maintance. Maybe marketing-wise it does make a difference. But since I already am on Reason 8, that doesn't really do anything for me.

    No problems with logging into my account and seeing my purchases.

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