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    Post new member music feedback

    Hi people. i just write some time music in reason 5, not really know about mix and mastering etc.
    Just try to do it by my ears.
    Let me know what do u think about my music .
    Thank you guys

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    Welcome please check out out tutorial on how to post Soundcloud link in our forum.

    Cool songs Reason 5 still has great ability.

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    Your style is cool.

    2030 - Great Track. I would have liked to hear some variation in the snare (a new skill for me as of two days ago ). The first half got me wanting to go into remix mode.

    Orchestra Intro - love the quiet bell section about 3/4 of the way through the track.

    Loading Please - Love this one. Following the LearnReason mixing instructions would make this track stand out.

    Mr. D - one I would love to remix / play with. This has soooo much potential. Great track.

    Not Sleep - Not my particular style, but certainly matches with the tags .

    Marimba Dance - would be really interesting to hear this track with a drum track at half speed at points in the track (maybe the start) and then build to the faster tempo drums. I haven't found these sounds particularly yet in my Reason travels (which is disappointing) - one more thing to explore.

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    PS - checking out track Mr. d just one more time.

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