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    Mix - Master List - On SoundCloud

    Hi All,

    I've eclectic tastes and, over time, built quite a collection of tracks over on SoundCloud. Please feel free to browse/comment/feedback on any of these: For Whom The Bell Tolls Progressive Rock (Pink Floyd style) Looper Upbeat (Electronica) Breathe Chillout (Ambient) Beyond Reason Chillout (Ambient) The Fifth Wave Chillout (Off-Key) A2B Heavy Electronica The Grey House House (Ibiza Big Room) Night Drive Slow (Sleep) Dream Catcher (Part 1) Very Slow (Sleep) "43" Fast (Workout/Jogging) The Raven Piano Work (Ominous) Journeyman - The Sands of Time An Arabian-style Music Story Journeyman - The Road to Reading A Rock-style Music Story On the Edge of Reason Scary - Narrative Beach Comber Uplifting Summer Song After Dark 80's Dark Synth Music Before Dawn 80's Dark Synth Music Cloud Walking 80's Synth Upbeat Music Western Worlds Dark Orchestral in the style of the theme from West World Goodnight Sweetheart Piano/Orchestral - an "End of the Day" reflection Days End Violins/Orchestral - an "End of the Day" reflection Winter Came (Long Version) Very Long: Orchestral journey through a Snow Storm Wings Upliting Orchestral/Piano Song No Strings Attached Violins/Orchestral - Slow, Ehtereal, Flutes and Strings Life Flows Piano/Orchestral - an Uplifing, Flowing Song Sunrise Strings/Orchestral - a Uplifting, Day Begins Song


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    Hey adam I think you have some skills! Do you play the piano or just use the blocks in the sequencer?
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