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    Haiduk - Exomancer [metal]

    Black metal solo project - haiduk.

    This is my most recent release - 'Demonicon'. Self recorded/released.

    Metalheads check out!

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    Thanks for!

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    Thanks for checking out!

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    Haiduk - Exomancer

    Melodic Blackened Death Metal

    New Albu\m/ – Exomancer


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    Haiduk - Exomancer

    Quote Originally Posted by Mihail Kosev View Post
    Very good!
    I'm glad you liked it!

    summoner of cosmic darkness– –Exomancer– –conjurer of astral terror

    “A nightmarish journey that reveals one chilling, hallucinatory vision after another.”
    -No Clean Singing

    "[Haiduk] has perfected his own signature style and very few bands are doing this style."

    “Sinister, spiralling, atonal and dark, ‘Exomancer’ is going to be an underrated gem from 2018.”
    -The Killchain

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    Good track! I like that style.

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    a very powerful sound, I like it a lot, I congratulate you

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    I'm glad you like it. Thank you.

    'Death Portent'


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