Hey everyone - not sure how active this forum is, but wanted to try to start a discussion....

I've been in contact with the website owners for Allihoopa - it was made very clear to me that their site is not for professionals. The remit of Allihoopa is in the spirit of social media - sharing, collaborating and enjoying some fleeting music making. My version of Reason (v8.x) is permanently linked to this site for collaborations. My question is; why?

Is Reason a glitzy little App, the same as Take and Figure? No.
Is it simple to produce a little ditty or melody that you might share freely and collaborate with others? No.
Does it take a lot of dedication and effort to produce quality, professional music tracks? Yes.

So why is it connected to a host of freebie Apps and Software, instead of being seen a professional DAW?

Can anyone explain this to me???