Hi, I'm looking into getting a keyboard controller, something for my iMac and possibly also an iPad I want to buy later this year. (I currently only use Garageband on my Mac.)

The two controllers I'm looking at that come with versions of Reason are (1) the Korg MicroKey Air 37, and (2) the AKAI MPK mini mk2. The Korg comes with a copy of the discontinued Reason Limited, and the AKAI comes with Reason Lite. (Korg's page says you can download Reason Limited, but it's conceivable that the download would actually be to the Lite version now, but I can't confirm that.)

If I was interested in Reason 10 Intro is there any way to upgrade to it from what comes with the controllers, or is the only upgrade path from those versions the $299 upgrade to standard Reason 10?